European grant for QuantaRed. Fact-based personalized nutrition for the young 18 February 2019
Update on ASTM D7678 27 September 2017
QuantaRed takes technical lead in AQUARIUS 30 January 2017
QuantaRed participates in Horizon 2020 MIRPHAB project 20 January 2016
A QuantaRed fellow is featured in a "Der Standard" news article 29 September 2015
TU Spin-off QuantaRed demonstrates Eracheck Pro at the Hannover industrial fair 29 April 2015
QuantRed congratulates on the success of the PAC-Network 01 October 2014
ERACHECK featured in the UNTERNEHMER magazine 12 March 2014
With high-tech to success: QuantaRed Technologies receives ‘Gewinn Young Entrepreneur Price' 12 November 2013
Report describes QuantaRed technology as an example for ecological innovation 04 June 2013
CFC-based test method ASTM D3921 withdrawn 17 October 2012
Change of Company Address 21 November 2012
Photonik Austria platform meeting in Jennersdorf / Burgenland 08 November 2012
International MIRIFISENS project launched 24 September 2012
QuantaRed sponsors award at IQCLSW in Baden 25 March 2013
QuantaRed has climbed into the TOP 10 of Austria's start-up companys 21 December 2011
QuantaRed takes the lead on Project SPECTROSMART - Smart Spectrometers for Industrial Process Control 25 November 2011
White paper published: Latest ASTM standard brings back the infrared 29 September 2011
ASTM D7678-11 launched 17 August 2011
QuantaRed ranks among the participants in this year's Austrian National Prize for Innovation 17 August 2011