TU Spin-off QuantaRed demonstrates ERACHECK Pro at the Hannover industrial fair

In the scope of the tech transfer presentation, commissioned by the Hannover industrial fair, TU Spin-off QuantaRed was asked to present their product, a high-tech analytical measurement device.

QuantaRed showed the ERACHECK Pro, a benchtop analyzer capable of measuring oil-in-water with highest precision and accuracy. The novel method of measuring tiny concentrations of oil-in-water with a quantum cascade laser (QCL), delivering fast and reliable results, attracted a lot of attention. Questions like "How does the laser-based spectroscopy work?" and "What sort of sample can the ERACHECK Pro measure?" were answered by our specialist in oil-in-water measurement and production manager Hanno Handler-Kunze.

In retrospect, the Hannover fair was a big success for QuantaRed and ideal for creating new business contacts.


Interface Erachekc

      QuantaRed engineer Hanno Handler-Kunze presenting the ERACHECK.