Quantum Cascade Laser technology

We offer innovative precision analyzer covering a wide range of applications

Wide range of Applications

QuantaRed Technologies has a track record of developing cutting-edge liquid sensing technology based on Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL). A significantly higher power output than infrared sources in conventional spectrometers enables sensing of trace contaminations in liquids with the highest accuracy.



Discharge Monitoring in Waste Water, Slop Water and Sewage Water The prevention of hydrocarbons in discharged water can be a challenge in many branches of the petrochemical industry. Meeting these challenges begins with an accurate and reliable measurement technique.


Process Control

The reliable and easy-to-use EraCheck PRO product family is portable and robust. EraCheck PRO can be operated flexibly to address a series of process issues.



The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution From Ships (MARPOL 73/78) states that bilge water should not be directly pumped out into the sea. For this reason, bilge water is first passed through an oil/water separator where the level of suspended oil is significantly reduced.


Soil Treatment

On-site Oil in Soil Testing. The contamination of surface soils by various types of crude oils and their products is a severe environmental issue. Brownfield sites occur due to accidents in transportation, leaks in pipelines or storage tanks as well as in the vicinity of refineries, airports, waste sites etc.

Worldwide distribution

QuantaRed Technologies count on many collaborations with representatives around the world which ensure the best sales and after-sales. Please contact us for information regarding distribution or reference nearby.


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