Quantum Cascade Laser technology

We offer innovative precision analyzers covering a wide range of applications

Wide range of Applications

QuantaRed Technologies has a track record of developing cutting-edge liquid sensing technology based on Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL). A significantly higher power output than infrared sources in conventional spectrometers enables sensing of trace contaminations in liquids with the highest accuracy.


Process Control

The reliable and easy-to-use EcoSpec® analyzer is portable, robust and can be operated flexibly to address a series of process issues, environmental monitoring of soil and water, and industrial process water and waste water. The EcoSpec® is the best choice whenever hydrocarbons have to be measured in water. While other measurement devices require CFCs to extract the oil and grease from the sample, the EcoSpec® relies on the less harmful cyclohexane and fully complies with the ASTM D7678.



The prevention of hydrocarbons in discharged water can be a challenge in many branches of the petrochemical industry. Solving these challenges begins with selecting an accurate and reliable measurement technique. The EcoSpec® is the perfect choice to detect and measure hydrocarbons in slop water, sewage water and waste water in general. Its outstanding precision is achieved with the laser-based measurement technique, which is a great tool to verify the cleanliness of discharged water in regard of hydrocarbons.


FAME in Jet Fuel

The present and growing international governmental requirements to add biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters - FAME) to diesel fuel has had the unintended side-effect of leading to potential FAME cross-contamination of jet fuel in multi-product procurement chains. Biodiesel contamination of jet fuel can cause performance deterioration of aircraft engines. Therefore, international jet fuel specifications define a maximum allowed contamination of 50 ppm FAME in jet fuel. (The patented FameSpec® analyzer is equipped to run test method ASTM D8290 to detect trace contaminations of FAME in jet fuel.)


Quality Control Laboratory

Quality assurance providers and third-party laboratories provide their customers with the certainty that products meet industry standards. The analytic instruments EcoSpec® and FameSpec® of QuantaRed Technologies GmbH allow them to offer a large number of accepted standardized test methods. Our measurement devices fulfill the requirements stated within these standards and therefore ensure correct operation of our equipment and consequently reliable results.



The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution From Ships (MARPOL 73/78) states that bilge water should not be pumped directly out into the sea. For this reason, bilge water is first passed through an oil/water separator where the level of suspended oil is significantly reduced. The EcoSpec® allows you to measure the remaining oil content in the processed water according to the ASTM D7678 and helps to keep the water in harbors clean.



To help meet renewable fuels targets, the refining industry has developed technology to co-process different bio feedstocks with conventional crude oil to give a hydrocarbon product. This process could lead to unconverted esters and fatty acids in the refinery’s kerosine stream. These molecules are suspected to have a similar negative influence as biodiesel on aircraft engines. (International jet fuel specifications limit the amount of unconverted esters and fatty acids to below 15 ppm.) (The patented FameSpec® analyzer can be used to monitor the concentration of unconverted esters and fatty acids in refinery process streams as well as finished products.)


FAME in Diesel

In recent years, concerns regarding the long term stability of diesel fuels containing biodiesel have surfaced. Specifications to ensure the reliability of the diesel fuel when called upon by emergency diesel generators during a loss of off-site power are being developed by the industry. These specifications move towards mandating the use of pure petroleum derived diesel. The patented FameSpec® analyzer can be used to detect the trace level of biodiesel contaminations in diesel fuel. This helps to ensure that fuel for auxiliary diesel generators is fit-for-purpose in case of emergencies.


Soil Treatment

The contamination of surface soils by various types of crude oils and their products is a severe environmental issue. Brownfield sites occur due to accidents in transportation, leaks in pipelines or storage tanks as well as in the vicinity of refineries, airports, waste sites, etc. With the EcoSpec®, technicians and environmental engineers have a powerful tool to detect and quantify oil pollution of the soil with an environmentally friendly measurement technique. The laser-based sensing module allows quantification with utmost precision and therefore reliable values for the oil concentration, as further described in the ASTM D7678.

Worldwide distribution

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