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QuantaRed Technologies founded in 2008 is a leading global provider for QCL – Quantum Cascade Laser – Technology. With the headquarter in Vienna and a worldwide distribution network we provide top - class service and instrumentation for several applications. Our technology is based on spectroscopy and offers uniqu e reliability, accuracy and low operating cost. Our new generation of upcoming instruments are committed to terms of ease of use, response time and repeatability.


Constantly updated goal s ha ve been put on the ease of installation and minimize the service costs. Our dynamic, responsive and experienced team is always available for the needs of our clients. The principals of the ISO 9001 Standards are our chosen way to fulfill our commitments.

Following the purpose of our customers is the strong commitment of our R&D team. That allows us to realize the latest technologies in our products and reach for highest reliability.


We bear responsibility for customer experience by following our ambition.

  • Quality and performance of our products
  • Fulfill the purpose of our customers
  • Constant improvements of processes
  • Contribute a benefit for our customer without products

Service and Support 

A state - of - the - art production and the performance of our analyzers are the top priorities for QuantaRed Technologies. Our facilities are located next to the Vienna Central Station and we take advantage of the beneficial location in the heart of Europe to guarantee top quality of our products and raw materials.


Meet our Team

QuantaRed Technologies is a dynamic team of engineers developing innovative solutions around QCL spectroscopy.

Multidisciplinary skills in physics, chemistry up to mechanics, electronics and software are guaranteed to cover all necessary fields to develop and manufacture cutting - edge analyzers.

QuantaRed Technologies count on many remarkable customers around the world which confirm the excellence of our technology and competences. Please contact us for information regarding distribution or reference nearby.

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