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QuantaRed Technologies, founded in 2008, is the leading provider for Quantum Cascade Laser-Based Sensors for the liquid phase. With our headquarters in Vienna and a worldwide distribution network we provide top-class service and instrumentation for several applications. Our technology is based on spectroscopy and offers unique reliability, accuracy and low operating costs. Our new generation of upcoming instruments is committed to ease of use, fast response time and delivery of an outstanding repeatability.


Constantly updated goals have been put on the ease of installation and minimize the service costs. Our dynamic, responsive and experienced team is always available for the needs of our clients. The principles of the ISO 9001 Standards are our chosen way to fulfill our commitments.

Our commitment is to solve our customers' measurement problems and to deliver hardware that is best suited for their application. Equipping our products with the latest technology enables us to build sensors with the highest reliability and outstanding precision.


We bear responsibility for customer experience by following our ambition.

  • Quality and performance of our products
  • Fulfill the purpose of our customers
  • Constant improvements of processes
  • Provide a benefit for our customer without products

Service and Support 

A state-of-the-art production and the performance of our analyzers are the top priorities for QuantaRed Technologies. Our facilities are located next to the Vienna Central Station and we take advantage of the beneficial location in the heart of Europe to guarantee top quality of our products and raw materials.


Meet our Team

QuantaRed Technologies is a dynamic team of engineers developing innovative solutions based on Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) spectroscopy.

Multidisciplinary skills in physics, chemistry, mechanics, electronics and software are guaranteed to cover all necessary fields in order to develop and manufacture cutting-edge analyzers.

QuantaRed Technologies counts on many remarkable customers around the world which confirm the excellence of our technology and competences. Please contact us for information regarding distribution or reference nearby.


Code: Re-farm is picking up pace

The goal for QuantaRed Technologies is to develop a goat milk analyzer prototype, which is bringing more value to the society, animal welfare and quality monitoring.
To ensure this goal is reached, it is of great importance to ask customers for their needs and requirements. 
Help us to reach our target and participate in this customer questionnaire:

Thank you for your effort in advance!


NUTRISHIELD mentioned in an article in Biophotonics

Nutrishield is progressing in a satisfying way and QuantaRed Technologies is proud that our urine analyser prototype is mentioned in an article in as part of a piece from ALPES. 

The expertise of QuantaRed Technologies lies in the integration of different laser sources into prototypes, useful for society. With the urine analyser we are taking the first steps away from the petrol industry into other sectors who could benefit from this technology.


Launch of the EcoSpec - Oil in Water and Oil in Soil Analyzer 

We are happy to announce that we extend our portfolio at QuantaRed Technologies with our newest analyzer based on a well-known Quantum Cascade Laser technology. The EcoSpec® is designed to quantify hydrocarbons in water or soil in full compliance with the ASTM D7678 using eco-friendly, CFC-free solvents.


Code: Re-farm - Consumer-driven demands to reframe farming systems

The newest project in which QuantaRed is a part of is called “Code: Re-farm”. The goal of the project is to enhance animal welfare and monitor the quality of food by using novel monitoring devices using IR laser sources developed within the project. 


HYDROPTICS – Photonics sensing platform for process optimization in the oil industry

HYDROPTICS aims to develop a reliable and precise monitoring solution for produced water in up- and downstream processing in oil industry. It includes state-of-the-art mid-IR light sources and particle analysis, and will be tested at production sites of our project partners.


ASTM D8290 Standard Test Method published

ASTM International has published a novel Standard Test Method for Determination of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) in Aviation Turbine Fuel using Mid-Infrared Laser Spectroscopy:
Check out the FameSpec FAME in jet fuel analyzer – the only analyzer in full compliance with ASTM D8290 in the market.


NUTRISHIELD Human Milk and Urine Analyzer – easy to use alternative to conventional methods

QuantaRed Technologies is tipping its toes into a new topic. After conquering the petrol industry issues, we are now trying to find user friendly solutions in the medical department. Find out what we are planning in the NUTRISHIELD project. 


Nanowatersense - Mid-IR Sensor for Trace Water Detection in Organic Solvents, Oils and Petrochemical Products

QuantaRed is project coordinator of a FFG project called “Nanowatersense”. Within this project, a prototype is developed, which is able to measure water in different organic solvents and petroleum products using Mid-IR laser sources provided by project partners. The aim is to provide an alternative to the Karl-Fisher titration, which does not need reagents, uses lesser consumables and does not need laboratory staff.