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The FAMESPEC is a compact stand ‐ alone analyzer that comes in a modern, portable and rugged design.

  • Based on QCL‐IR technology
  • FAMESPEC Analyzer complies with ASTM D8290
  • Detects all types of FAME
  • High precision (Repeatability of 0.8 mg/kg at 5 mg/kg)
  • Wide measurement range (10 ‐ 400 mg/kg)
  • Fast measurement (<25 min)
  • Automated sample preparation
  • 10‐port autosampler
  • Fully portable compact design
Background FAME in Jet-Fuel measurements

The increased use of biodiesel (FAME) led to the issue of cross ‐ contamination of jet fuel during transportation or storage in multiproduct facilities, like pipelines and ships or road tankers. FAME is known to negatively influence the thermal stability of jet fuel and to lead to a performance deterioration of aircraft engines, e.g., by forming coke deposits. Therefore, a maximum FAME content of 50 mg/kg has been included in international jet fuel specifications DEF STAN 91‐091 and ASTM D1655.


  • Airport
  • Pipelines terminal
  • Refinery
  • Military

EraCheck PRO

The EraCheck PRO provides a CFC-free oil-in-water testing with unrivaled precision combined with an all-day user interface an several options.

  • Standard ASTM D7678
  • Oil-in-water ASTM D3921, D7066, EPA 1664, IP426, ISO 9377-2, DIN 38904-H18
  • Oil-in-soil EPA 9071, ISO 14039, ISO 16703
  • Directly attached optional 10-position autosampler
  • Easy Sample Handling
  • Unique Measuring Principle
Background Oil-in-Water measurements

Conventional solvents used for spectroscopic oil-in-water analysis are harming earth’s ozone layer. Most of them have been forbidden by the Montreal Protocol, some still in use will soon be phased out. Others were reported as harmful to the UN Ozone Secretariat. Their future remains undecided. Alternative methods, like GC or gravimetry use non-harmful solvents, but require intensive maintenance or lack suffi cient repeatability. Since 2011 ASTM D7678 combines all advantages from well-established IR methods with the environmental sustainability of GC or gravimetry. The used solvent in ASTM D7678, cyclohexane, is readily available throughout the market and signifi cantly cheaper than any replacement solvent for IR measurements.

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